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Hello. We’re Julie and Frank, and we’ve started something new. We’re calling it, reasonably enough, smith-clementi. The name speaks to the approach: It’s us, together, working with you. We believe this form of intimate collaboration is an ideal methodology. Here we can offer the depth of experience and range of relationships from our thirty years in practice with the agility and open-mindedness of a start-up.

We came to appreciate direct design collaborations early in our careers as a way to realize complex projects with diverse user communities. Over the years, our work ranged from residences to civic spaces to global product design, and our interest in people and relationships always enriched the end result, regardless of form or scale. Now, it is a core strength that enables us to undertake design challenges all over

the world.

A dedication to craft and the uplifting power of beauty serves to imbue our work with a character that invites use, interaction. The effect is equally palpable whether you are holding a VERO glass tumbler, dropping your child off at the Warner Bros. Children’s Center or attending a show at the Austin City Limits Moody Theater. We believe this crucial experiential quality is the key to creating meaningful spaces

​We take pride in our versatility and our ability to leverage curiosity and passion to uncover and synthesize all manner of disparate techniques and visions into an effective whole. And, it is gratifying to have been continuously recognized with more than 20 AIA Design Awards and features in over 300 publications. It is our intention to continue this success in the decades to come while always remaining uniquely smith-clementi.

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