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Final filming for Episode 2 of The Great Library at our office today – March 2023



Modern Construction through the Lens of a Roman Masterpiece, The Great Library - Episode 01 debuted. The series will explore our design for The Great Library from concept through “construction” as a virtual repository of connected construction information – November 2022

Frank joined the Competitions Class teaching International Graduate students at Politecnico Milano – September 2022

Julie joined an Association for Women in Architecture + Design Mentorship panel discussion titled “Tips for Women in Architecture and Construction” moderated by Rani Ranade with Susan Nwankpa, Charlotte Hutton and Stephanie Lin – August 2022

Julie was a juror for the "Marker Design Challenge" competition, dedicated to recognizing women in architecture, sponsored by the Association for Women in Architecture + Design​ May 2022

Julie and Frank joined the Graduate Thesis Reviews at Cal Poly Pomona – May 2022

Out TreeHouse project was stop number 3 on the architectural tour benefitting Venice Community Housing as part of the Venice Design Series – April 2022



Julie and Frank gave a lecture in Florence, Italy titled "Affettati Misti" to 4th year students of California State University Florence, Architecture Program – November 2021

While in Milan, Julie and Frank gave a lecture to Los Angeles based students from East Los Angeles College, Architecture Department titled “Mind Your Matter” as part of the ELAC Fall Lecture  Series – November 2021

Frank joined the Competitions Class teaching International Graduate students in person at Politecnico Milano  – September 2021

Julie joined a group of students to discuss her work and career from her alma mater Syracuse University, School of Architecture  August 2021



Julie joined a ULI LA/WLI panel discussion lead by Mary Lynne Boron with Barbara Bouza and Dafna Kaplan discussing Gender Equity in Architecture – December 2020

As a member of the Board, Frank created three virtual environments for the annual Design Awards program of the A+D Museum – December 2020


Frank rejoined the Design Program teaching International Graduate students virtually at Politecnico Milano  – September 2020

Julie and Frank participated in the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design Summer Exhibition “Every.Thing.Changes” collaborating with the writer Sam Bloch and landscape designer Hyunch Sung as part of a group of text and visual works – August 2020

Julie joined Sarah Barnard and Adaeze Cadet for a panel discussion at the USGBC LA- Municipal Green Building Conference & Expo;  Building a Compassionate Community: Empathy As A Core Principle of Design Practice  – August 2020


Frank was a member of the Jury for the CC AIA Design Awards - August 2020


Julie was the Jury Chair for the Cavin Family Traveling Fellowship – May 2020


Frank was a member of the Jury for the AIA Los Angeles 2020 Residential Architecture Awards – April 2020


Julie and Frank spoke to California Home & Design about the design of their "Tree House", Architects at Home in Venice  –
Philip Ferrato 1 April 2020

Julie and Frank touch on their design inspirations, practice today, and what it means to design in Los Angeles and beyond Architecture Doesn’t Exist Without People

ArchDaily – Eric Baldwin 18 Feb 2020

Julie and Frank on Starting a New Practice Three Decades Into Their Career

The Architect’s Newspaper – Shane Reiner-Roth 15 Jan 2020

We formed an independent design practice

Interior Design – Edie Cohen 28 Jan 2020

Rios Clementi Hale Studios former partners announce new venture ADPro – Jessica Ritz 16 Jan 2020

Julie Smith-Clementi and Frank Clementi describe the tenets of the new firm's design practice.

Forbes – Julia Brenner 11 Feb 2020

The duo announced a new Los Angeles–based design firm, Architect Magazine staff – 23 Jan 2020

smith-clementi goes small but global, Partners Depart to Form New Studio, Los Angeles Business Journal – Hannah Madans 17 Jan 2020

From plates to parks Julie Smith-Clementi and Frank Clementi launch new design office,
Archinect, – Antonio Pacheco 8 Jan 2020

We broke off to launch, Commercial Observer – Greg Cornfield 13 Jan 2020

We want to matter to both our mentors and our mothers , Blau Journal – Anthony Bayer 10 Jan 2020

Julie talks about the Orchestration of Expertise Prism – Emma Kapp 7 Jan 2020

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